About us


Elevate Volleyball Club was started by Jeff and Saralyn Stell, back in 2010 under the name “Altruista”. Altruista later merged with High Altitude Volleyball Club, and eventually became the “Elevate Volleyball Club” we know and love today. Since that time, we’ve reached thousands of young athletes in the Fraser Valley through club teams, offseason training, and introductory programs.

Webster defines “altruistic” as having or showing an unselfish concern for the welfare of others, and while the name didn’t “stick”, that really does embody who we are! As a club, we seek to be all-around team players, we put others before ourselves, and we really care deeply about our athletes, coaches, and community. We are intentional about creating opportunities, both on and off the court and are proud of the numerous Elevate athletes who have developed into coaches and leaders within the club, in their schools, and in their occupations.

BC Provincials 2023-5


Impactful Connections

We seek to build meaningful relationships amongst club members, which go beyond the volleyball court. We create life-long friendships, and build into each other in ways that develop the whole person, not just the athlete.

Intentional Commitment

Our version of commitment is more than just showing up. We are proactive in planning for how we will engage and model dedication.

Involve, Evolve

We look for ways to involve ourselves and others in growing the sport of volleyball in the Valley. To continually involve new people in new capacities, our mindset needs to constantly evolve to allow for creative engagement and continual growth.

BC Provincials

Elevate Volleyball Club operates as a registered BC Non-profit Society, with the Board providing oversight and day-to-day governance of the club. Our current board of directors include:

  • Amanda Dick (Club Director)
  • Todd Skeels (Assistant Director)
  • Shane Hennessy (Treasurer)
  • Kathlyn Jarvis (Secretary)

As a member club with Volleyball BC, we align ourselves with their policies and procedures for youth club volleyball in the province. You can view more information by visiting their site here.